Sunday, July 6, 2008

MLC in the news and wildlife sightings

Roanoke Times did a nice article in this Sunday's edition of the New River Current...
... our recreation staff really shines, I am very proud of their accomplishments this summer.

The past week was a rich one for me from a wild life encounter standpoint. Wednesday evening while returning across the ridge near the end of an out and back mountain bike ride I heard a loud and heavy sound above me - as I looked up I saw a large black bear in a white oak tree sliding down and shredding the bark and small branches as she came down. Only 30' away and in a real hurry, she hit the ground and charged off down over the side of the mountain. Very exciting!

Friday a large rattlesnake was found by my rec staff taking a nap across the width of Indian Trail - I am awaiting pix of this one. First rattler spotted this year that I know of - glad I didn't see it!

Saturday I had some trees to clear on Bald Knob Trail and as I climbed the steep and rugged trail I paused to strap on my kevlar chaps and heard the sounds of a turkey hen somewhere close. I looked up the trail and only 20 yards away I could see through the veiling fog a mother hen and her flock moving through the ferns. I stayed very still and watched them for about fifteen minutes before they eased on out of sight.

This morning we saw twin fawns as they awoke from a nap and spent the rest of the early afternoon watching three humming birds challenge for space at the feeder. Great stuff, I love summer in Virginia.