Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall Into the New - National River Cleanup Day

Saturday I took my wife Ann and our two kids out for a day supporting our county's effort to clean up the New River. We loaded up the canoe and splashed on the sunscreen before heading out.

Read all about it here...

Some of the things we found and hauled off...
- old nasty carpet
- over 100 old tires
- golf balls!?
- a marble
- a baby doll
- piece of toilet
- plenty of beer bottles and cans
- fishing pole (lower half)
- Virginia Lottery sign

I was really impressed with the group that Emma Betz brought out from Blacksburg High School. They worked really hard all day and hauled in a fantastic amount of debris. Giles County did a terrific job of putting this well run event together. Thanks to everyone who came out!