Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And it just keeps rising!

I ventured down to the lakebed last week to capture some early morning photos of the water. As I meandered through the basin, I passed over many springs, all of which were pumping water towards the lake. Take a look at this picture - this 6 foot pole was placed at the edge of the left shoreline in March. Although I did not walk to to shore across from the measuring stick (it was extremely muddy!), I would estimate that the stick is about 10 feet from the shore.

This picture was taken from the lakebed road. It gives you a good perspective of the true size of the lake. We estimate that it is a 1/5 of the way full.

This is a picture of a spring that is feeding into the lake on the left side of the shore. The stream feeds a small channel that then feeds into the bigger body of water.