Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lake Walk with Bruce Parker

This morning, Bruce Parker, long time researcher of Mountain Lake, and Diane Tennant, a staff writer for The Virginian Pilot, came up to check out Mountain Lake for a future story on the natural lakes of Virginia. Mountain Lake is one of two natural lakes in VA, the other being Lake Drummond in the Dismal Swamp. Bruce talked with her about the unique geology that makes up our lake and the rare cycles it has experienced throughout history.

View of the lake from the East side of the Indian Trail.

We hiked over to 'Rest Rock' - once a popular rock to jump off of into the water below. Bruce is explaining the process of 'Solifluction' which is the term for rocks 'slowly creeping down a mountain.' Our lake was form by huge sandstone boulders that crept down from the top of the mountain and formed a partial dam over 8,000 years ago!

Bruce talking about the different rock substrates that form Mountain Lake.