Monday, August 3, 2009

Day Hikes along the Appalachian Trail

We hosted our 1st 5 night 'Day Hikes Along the Appalachian Trail' Elderhostel last week. We had a total of 24 participants from all over the country! Below are a few photos from the program.
On our first hike, Susan's sole came right off her shoe! We were about 3 miles away from the hotel at the Bear Cliffs overlook. A little first aid gauze, tape, and zip ties and we fixed her shoe right up until she could purchase another pair.

Faye dipping her feet into Dismal Falls.

Bruce & Jan posing for a picture.

It decided to pour rain on our War Spur hike. This group was ultra-prepared, rain or shine.

We headed to McAfee's Knob for our final hike.