Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coyotes in the fog

This morning when I arrived I was greeted with the yelps of coyotes playing down by the far end of the lake. Their cries could be clearly heard through the misty mountain fog that draped across the shoreline. I have also heard them while doing trail work alone on Salt Pond Ridge. It seems that the surging deer population is helping their comeback.

Yesterday the temperature hovered around 6 degrees most of the day, today we are suffering through a heat wave of about 30. Our snow is all gone - but it is still early enough in the season that it will probably be back.

Last week Brad Buchanan came up and shot some MTB action video of Moonstomper Trail, check it out. This is a section right near where it joins up with Bear Cliffs Trail.

This video is of another section of Moonstomper just below...