Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Exciting news & planning new programs!

Exciting news!
Robin & Linda Williams ( signed with us to headline our BrewRidge Music Festival on April 26th! We also have landed another talented group called Ridgewind Band to play.

With the warm and rainy spell we are experiencing it has been a good time to work on planning some projects. We have completed design work on a couple new stickers and logos for our Trail Access program and also the BrewRidge Music Festival

A new hunting program for the Conservancy is in the works that will get handicapped youth out in the woods to experience the thrill of hunting white tail deer and help us manage our deer herd at the same time.

Rudi Woykowski of Rudi's Reptile Removal is assisting us in developing anew program called, Reptiles & Amphibians for this summer that will give children and adults a chance to interact with animals in a controlled environment. Rudi also does wildlife rescue and recently rehabbed an owl with eye injuries.

This morning we made some more progress on our new Cascades connector trail with the help of a local land manager, Mr. Charles Gallo.

More coming on all this very soon!