Monday, February 18, 2008

Support Cycling

As we reach the mid-point of winter my mind races towards Spring and I think of the things that I enjoy doing the most when the birds begin to sing. Ride my bicycle!

Couple things to be involved in as we await the warmer weather:
David Zabriskie has begun a new foundation called 'Yield To Life' This is a non-profit organization that is trying to educate motorists and cyclists about life saving behavior on our roads.

"We all travel life’s roads. I stand before you to ask for your cooperation in providing safe space for cyclists. When you see a cyclist on the road, please, yield to life."
–David Zabriskie, world-class cyclist and founder of Yield to Life

Also, you may have heard that Levi Leipheimer and Alberto Contador (formerly of Team Discovery Channel) are going to be prevented from racing in the Tour de France this year because they are with the new Astana Team. This is absurd. This is an entirely new team with new management, and they have implemented one of the most stringent drug testing policies of any of the Pro Tour teams.

Levi has an online petition set up to help them fight this ridiculous and arbitrary decision and hopefully get them back in the race.

If you'd like to support Levi go to