Thursday, January 17, 2008

6" of snow - topped with light sleet

A few of us braved the white roads to venture up the mountain this AM. I spent most of the morning up near Bear Cliffs scoping the right lines through the rocks for the new Toejammer Trail.

Also managed to secure the 6 point buck's skull and antlers that were still waiting in the woods for me from back in December - see earlier post. We'll set him up on display in the Visitor's Center after he is dried out enough.

Looking forward to a fun XC ski trip to White Grass in Davis, WV tomorrow with the family. Looks like we'll have plenty of the white stuff for this trip.
Trails are covered with a nice 6" base. Come on up and play. If you park in our new lot near the stables - you'll want AWD - but if you made it up here - you probably have it.