Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cub Cadet and The Power Zone may donate a Utility Vehicle to the Conservancy!

Jim Higham, owner of The Powerzone (www.MowParts.com) in Christiansburg answered the call to help us maintain our extensive and growing trail system by loaning us an 18HP Cub Cadet Utility Vehicle. He is working to see that it will become a permanent part of our 'trail work fleet' here on the mountain joining our new 29'er and BOB Trailer recently donated by East Coasters Bike Shops. (www.EastCoasters.com).

Thanks to Jim Higham and Chris Betz, owners of these local businesses, for their outstanding support of our mission. Special thanks also to our volunteer, 'JR', for taking the time and expending the effort and fuel necessary to haul this machine up the mountain to us with his own personal truck.