Thursday, January 3, 2008

WX UPdate and Moonstomper Trail Stomping for Saturday

Snow UPdate...
We ended up with about 4-6" of blown snow over the past 36 hours. It has stayed in the twenties up here today. Should be good XC skiing conditions here through Saturday. Very dry and light.

Moonstomper Trail Cut-in...
Come on out Saturday at 8:45AM if you'd like to help me hack through the underbrush as we begin clearing the trail as it serpentines over the ridge and by Bear Cliffs. It is about 2.5 miles, and will be sweet single track by this Spring. Park in the employee area where 613 and 700 merge. Then meet me at the Conservancy office at the end of the Gift Shop building next to the Activity Barn.

We'll head up the trail at 9AM - if you're late just follow the snow tracks up Chestnut Lodge Trail and head towards Lower Homestead (just past Bear Cliffs on your left). Bring a saw or a machete or some other implement you feel comfortable with.